Hunter James Strawcutter

Hunter James was born on September 1st, and he is the sweetest little guy.  Jessica and Ryan are already amazing parents, and I know Hunter will be loved and cared for so much.
You might remember this little family from an earlier newborn photoshoot, when that toddler there was just a week old.  My friend Jessica's family has grown again, with another sweet little boy to add to the mix.  I've watched Mason grow up and start talking and really develop his own personality, and I can't wait to see Hunter hit the same milestones!
He was 8 days old for these pictures, and slept through the whole thing.  He is much calmer than his brother, and you can already tell he's used to the noises of a toddler around him.  He and Mason are going to love playing together when he's a little older, but Mason already was trying to share his toys with him; he's going to be a wonderful big brother looking out for Hunter!

Enjoy the pictures below of this new little one, and the new family!
Congratulations you guys!


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