Christmas Cookie Baking 2015

Mom, Becky and I got together again this year to bake Christmas cookies ahead of time!  We bake up a storm, each taking a role of making dough, rotating trays in and out of the oven, decorating cookies or unwrapping Hershey kisses...  And what has become one of my favorite Christmas traditions was made all the more special this year with the addition of Patti, Ed, Cole and Wes.  I love having them live nearby!
Mom and Dad decorated their house with the usual wreath, but added an unusual new laser light show.  The boys loved it, haha.
Sisters, assume your baking positions!  Patti sampling...
Becky getting the spritz cookie press ready...
And me decorating the spritz cookies!
Oh, and dad also eating cookie dough.
We still use my mom's spritz cookie press and it requires holding down the foil just a bit, haha.
I accidentally left my apron at home, but the girls wore theirs!  And Mom made the boys little aprons with tea towels, they loved them!
Becky and Wes chatting away.
We probably have 4 years of pictures of Becky unwrapping Hershey kisses.
Mom and Patti prepping the peanut butter cookies for baking!
And Cole helped!
So wonderful to have more cookie helpers.
Dad also helped us out by distracting the boys a bit and taking them on a walk around the neighborhood to see Christmas lights.
Cole took this picture!  We have to work on framing and having him back up a little bit before he snaps the picture, but at least he'll listen sometimes and this is better than the first picture he took before those instructions.
Cole and Becky rolling peanut butter cookies in sugar before baking.
Baked cookies all over the dining room table!
Cole and Wes in new pajamas and running around and hugging each other.  I hate stopping that to get a good picture, so this is blurry and accurately shows the evening.
Cole loves decorating, but Patti is helping to keep the sprinkle dumping to a minimum.
High five Cole!
Cole pointing out which ones he decorated.
Emmie helping Cole decorate the cookies, and again making sure there's minimum sprinkle dumping (we learned that the hard way as shown above in the middle).
Cookie trays ready for us to take home and enjoy prior to Christmas :-)
Some more cookies ready to go in the oven!  We will be enjoying these this week!
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