Thanksgiving 2015

A table loaded up with food, and a family around it.  This is why I love Thanksgiving so much!

In the morning, I swam 100x100s with the usual swimmer crew, then the fam went on a hike!  Patti had to work until 4pm, and Ed had his family in town, so we made it a quick one before meeting up in the afternoon to get all of our dishes in line.
With way more people than last year (5 last year, haha), my mom gave everyone a task of bringing their favorite dish.  Then people went crazy with the desserts too :-)

I brought my tripod in from the car to set things up for a family picture, and Cole couldn't handle how awesome the tripod was.  He had me set it up and carry it around the house behind him, while he instructed me where to put it down so he could take a picture.  See below for some of his work!
 Check out this table-scape, gorgeous Mom!
And the family picture!  It gets dark way too early, this was the best we could do, but I think everyone looks wonderful.  The boys are even smiling!
Also Cole took to this sweet potato that my parents thought looked like a bird, and he named it Shellington (an Octonauts character, more on that later).  He was really sad when he dropped it and the skin rubbed away, so we patched him up with some tape.  Let's never forget this sweet potato bird.
Even Cole and Wes provided a dish for dinner!  They brought and then helped roll the crescent rolls, and did an amazing job!
I made a zucchini and rice tian, from Smitten Kitchen, which was delish.
Becky made her amazing applesauce that I love.
Cole helped prep the basket for the rolls to be placed in.  He loves the show Octonauts, and calls us characters from the show- he's Kwazii, and Wes is Peso, hence the name card.  There are only so many characters, so sometimes we overlap, but I'm pretty flattered that he calls me Dashi, since she is the photographer of the group.
Patti showed us some school pictures of the boys.  They're adorable, Becky's excitement does not convey how awesome the school pictures are.
Wes played us a tune while we looked.
Cole took this picture!  (He really likes using the flash)
Dad carving the turkey!
And the table!  Laden with food from everyone!  Mom and Dad made the turkey and stuffing and green bean casserole and corn, Cole and Wes made the rolls, Becky made the mashed potatoes and applesauce, Anne made the sweet potato casserole, I made the zucchini and rice tian and roasted sweet potatoes, Patti made the broccoli vermicelli casserole with velveeta, and Matt made the mushroom and artichoke pie.  Woah!  Not pictured- the bloody Mary bar John brought along!
Dinner was delicious, and we were all super full and went on a walk around the neighborhood to loosen up our stomachs for dessert.  Dessert packed the table as much as the main meal!  Check it out!

Mom made brownies, cranberry almond pie, and gluten-free Kahlua brownies, Anneke made her family's famous chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookies, Becky made rice pudding (with an amazing whiskey sauce) and blackberry cobbler, and I made cranberry almond cookies, salted caramel chocolate pecan pie, gluten-free chocolate pudding pie, and Dutch apple pie.  And of course our usual turkey tree of candies.
The Dutch apple pie got a little burned on top, but for my first apple pie I think it was a success!
But let me tell you, I am wishing I had more of this chocolate pecan pie in my freezer right now, it was out of this world, and despite the multiple steps to prepare, I think I'll be adding it to the Thanksgiving rotation from now on.  I even used oat flour instead of regular in the filling so Becky could try it (sans eating the crust).
I ended the night with two boys reading and watching youtube music videos on top of me, they are the sweetest.
 It was a wonderful Thanksgiving with everyone!  What a wonderful time of the year.

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