Each time I start to get back into a schedule, my life gets away from me.  Work was beyond crazy all December, I'm still coming down from the election (no Facebook for me), the holiday season was so wonderfully full of family hang-outs and NYC time with E, and I'm still getting used to having "free time" again.  It's not quite free time though, since I feel like I haven't been at my own apartment much, between trips to WV for work (and the bonus of seeing some family members while there), and NYC to see E and more family.  At least I'm making up for that lost studying time!  And I think I speak for us all when I say good riddance to 2016.

But there have been a few things that have really been pulling me towards blogging again.

One.  I got to eat at Volt for a wonderful dinner with E.  The food was amazing- unique flavors and textures, and both of us enjoyed the small courses so that we got to try a lot of new things.  The most impressive thing though, was how they treated E's lactose intolerance.  There was not one item that was brought out to me that wasn't made available to him as well.  We were careful to order items that were mostly dairy free already, but the little extras (an amuse bouche at the beginning of the meal, the bread course, the truffles brought to us at the end of the meal) were all made dairy-free for him in some capacity.  I was beyond impressed, and while I could go on and on about how amazing the venison was when paired with a savory mushroom oatmeal, it was that little extra that made me want to just give them all my money for every special dinner from now on.  And generally, an impressive dinner just makes me want to play in the kitchen more.

Two.  I went to Molly Yeh's book signing in DC for her new cookbook Molly on the Range.  She was the sweetest, and made blogging seem so accessible.  She talked about only posting when she felt she HAD to share a recipe or story, not just because she had to post twice a week.  She also talked about how sometimes a recipe just begs for a long story, or sometimes just a few good pictures, and she doesn't stick to a script.  It's what makes her so popular, you're really getting her, not a pre-planned schedule of posts.  And after topping the evening off with some amazing Jewish deli food at new DC restaurant On Rye, I was inspired to go home right then and there and start making all the things from her cookbook and photograph them in moody winter light.

Three.  People started asking when I would be posting again, and whether I would start blogging again.  My Aunt Jody gifted me some gorgeous teaspoons and cup measurements in copper, saying as I unwrapped them, "As a congratulations for passing all of your architecture exams, I got you some things for your first love- baking!".  I couldn't shut up about them the whole ride back to the hotel after that dinner with her, and I'm sure my mom was tired of hearing about my love for these copper teaspoons.

So where to start?  I am still not quite sure where to begin again.  With a tough 2016 finally behind me, I want to get back into the coziness of blogging and photographing.  And after hearing Molly Yeh talk, I have some inspiration to go at my own pace, and on my own time.  I kind of forget how to carefully make something and photograph it, but I'm excited to start back again.  Thank you for following along, as always, and I hope I can give you more of what you want in 2017.

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