Bogota, Colombia

Guess what?!  You get to play catch-up along with me!  It took me about 6 months to even sort and edit these photos, and it's only a year later that I'm posting them.  So no, I did not just get back from Colombia, but the pictures are too good to keep to myself.  And since I haven't posted a photo album to facebook in years, this is the only way I'm going to share them.
Oh, you recognize the photo above?  That's because I did post a few pictures to Instagram while I was there, but you didn't get the day in day out pictures, the stories behind the pictures, and some amazing arepas pictures.  So without further ado...
Yep, arepas first.  Priorities.  We flew into Bogota, and got in relatively late in the day, but immediately headed out to find some food.  We stumbled upon this arepas place, and they were amazingly stuffed, and pleasantly greasy.  Matt enjoyed the many flavorful sauces to top them with, and I started with a classic cheese arepa, while the other guys got all the meats.  We hoped they would be open in the morning for our breakfast too, but through a hilarious mistake, we learned that their "we open at 6" meant pm, not am.  Ah well.
Ben and I explored the city center a little, just enough to find a church and some food.
Then we changed, and headed out to hike up Monserrate.  We were headed to that church at the top, which we could see from our hostel window.
We unfortunately found out that our hike would be over before it started- the trail was closed for some reason.  We wanted to chance it, thinking it might just be a ploy to get everyone to spend money to take the incline or tram up instead of hiking (free), but also thought that might be a terrible idea.
The view from the top was worth it anyways.  Please pardon my ninja suit, I thought I was going to be hiking up this mountain.
Bogota is a huge city, and we couldn't even really tell where it ended from up here.  But killer view, right?!

We headed up past the church, where many vendors were selling clothes, souvenirs, and food.
We of course tried things we hadn't heard of.  These were not as spicy as advertised, according to Matt.
This was like a cross between soft cheese and yogurt.  It was like a healthy-tasting cheesecake with fruit on top, in a good way, I swear!
It happened to be Valentine's Day, so I made sure to pack some Reese's hearts to share with everyone.  I meant for them to be a treat after an arduous hike, but chocolate and peanut butter is always delicious, despite the lack of hike.
We headed back down the mountain, changed, re-packed, and headed back to the airport to make our flight to Cartagena.  All of the cheap flights were into and out of Bogota, and this was kind of the only thing we were excited to see and do here, although I'm sure we missed plenty of things Bogota has to offer!  When we came back through the city before flying out in the morning again, we snagged some more arepas from our favorite vendor.  We had tried several more iterations of arepas in our travels, and these were still my favorite.  I got chicken in one, and cheese in the other this time :-)  The boys got all the meats again.
Next stop, Cartagena!

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