Cartagena, Colombia

We left comfortable 60 degree weather for tropical coastal Cartagena.  This city inspired Hemingway, and is a vacation destination for many.  I loved how bright and vibrant everything was, and just wandering down the streets was enjoyable because every turn was different.  We rented bikes and rode to a beach outside of the city center, we walked along the walls of the old Fort, and the next day headed to a private island to snorkel and sun ourselves.  Cartagena was adorable.
 Izzy knocking on a closed church, of course.
I loved these hotel breakfasts.
We headed to a private island!  We took a boat!  And of course we sat in the front.
 Hut hat.
 Matt, Izzy and I went snorkeling! 
It was too hot to try to take a picture of the ice cream before it started melting.  I tried anyways!
And amazing breakfast again- the fruit was different every day, I love this country.

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