Kauai, HI

My parents are the best.  If you've met them, you know this already, but trust me when I say they are.  For Christmas 2015, we were all gifted the gift of Hawaii.  My siblings and my nephews and my parents were headed to Hawaii!  What?!  A few planning sessions later, and the island of Kauai was picked, with a mini stopover in Oahu for me, Becky, and my parents at the end.  Yeah, so this trip was in July of last year, but I would be crazy not to post about this trip.  I'd been to Maui before, and while it was pretty, I felt like I had been to better islands elsewhere (and with shorter flights).  But Kauai?  Be still my heart.
It was a long day of flying, and the nephews did great, but hit a wall pretty quickly once we made it to Hawaii (they didn't make it through dinner).  But that first dinner was just at our resort and it was the most amazing fish and veggies and it was exactly how I wanted to be welcomed to the island!  We ate, and then retreated to our rooms.  Becky and I were sharing a room, and stayed awake as long as possible, and made it to about 9pm local time.  We all planned to wake up early and get going on a hike, and I managed to sleep until just around 6am (I'm really good at sleeping).  Next post will be my favorite hike I've ever been on around the world, but I hope I will continue to add to that list!
Blurry photos of food.  This is how I felt at this point.  Time to sleep, and get ready for hike photos soon!

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