While my life is dominated by swimming and eating, I do find time for other things, of course.
I love me some photography.  I took a class in high school, but didn't get hooked until an architectural photography class in grad school.  I bought an entry level DSLR and accumulated several lenses before upgrading to a Canon 7D.  I'm kind of in love with my camera.  I have become the official photographer of the family, and with two nephews now, I have loved documenting the milestones and cuteness.  I was asked to take the engagement photos for a friend at work who knew I would love to, and that started a little side job for me.  I've done newborn, family, and engagement shoots and loved every one!  While I'm not currently pursuing this as my career, I love having the ability to allow people I know and love to shine and look their best :-)

Swimming has been my sport of choice since before I can remember, but anything that keeps me active is perfect in my eyes.  I have discovered a love for cycling, and have also always enjoyed being able to strap on a pair of shoes and go for a run no matter where I am in the world.  I feel at home at the gym, and I feel unsettled if I haven't gotten my exercise in every day.  I really love doing open water races, and have also recently completed several triathlons. 
And while I wouldn't say I'm the biggest fashionista out there, I do love fashion.  I will walk around the mall just to see what everyone is selling each season, and what color is popping up everywhere.  I usually wait for something to go on sale before I'm willing to buy it, but sometimes I'm just too in love to wait.  I'm not one to wear a lot of make-up, or style my hair for hours, but I do make an effort every morning with my outfit before work.  As someone in a design profession, I want to be a little more creative with color and style than wearing a button-down shirt every day.

I devour books, so I like them to be upbeat.  I also read right before bed and I already have super realistic dreams, so if I'm reading anything too intense, my dreams become too much.  Even the Hunger Games gave me some messed up dreams, let me tell you...!  Music is necessary, and I have a playlist created for everything you can imagine.  Movies and movie quotes are a part of my life, and I love movies that surprise me- if you don't follow the same scripted scenarios that I can predict in the first 5 minutes, I salute you! 
I also wish I lived in a J.Crew magazine, is that weird?  Good, I didn't think so.

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