Blogs I Follow and Love

This Side of Morning
Can't get enough pictures of Cole and Wes on my blog?  My sister also has a blog!  I love reading it and keeping up with her and the fam :-)
The Pioneer Woman
A classic really.  She has the yummiest looking food, and just has the happiest posts.  It brightens my day when she has something new for me to read.
Smitten Kitchen
Food photography to drool over, recipes guaranteed to be tried and true.  I love the stories that go along with each meal, and I also love the "Surprise Me!" feature on the side, where you can browse through all of the posts just like the random button in Wikipedia :-)
Joy the Baker
I want to be her.  I want to be friends with her.  Everything she says makes me want to hang out with her more.  She's funny, endearing, and cooks some awesome things.
The Foodie Physician
Sonali is a friend of my older sister's, and she has some really informative posts regarding nutrition, and easy ingredient swaps with healthier options (barley risotto anyone??).
Grilled Cheese Social
I kind of think this blog is written by one of my friends, and she's just not telling me it's her.  But no, you'll read this blog and immediately want lots of melty cheese, and you'll definitely think you're reading the ramblings of a friend you've known for years.  I laugh at her posts so much, and I can't wait to make the grilled cheeses she invents.  Loooove!
Bowl of Delicious
This blog IS written by one of my friends!  Liz was always super domesticated in college, and our crew looked to her to help guide our Friday night dinners.  She posts beautiful, real food and makes it look completely effortless.  It's food you'd make yourself, but kicked up a notch!

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